Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet


This 8mm Angel Aura Quartz Healing Crystal Bracelet is gorgeous! It’s handmade with an adjustable bronze chain. Can be made in a stretchy cord upon request.

➻This aura quartz healing bracelet has all the healing properties of the master healer, quartz, but with a beautiful rainbow sheen!

Angel Aura Quartz gets it’s stunning rainbow shimmer from titanium & silver that has been bonded to the Quartz. It’s known to have an energetic connection to the Angelic realm. Angel Aura Quartz will attune you to angelic realms heightening your spiritual gifts and bringing the energies of peace, tranquility, and contentment. It’s an excellent meditation stone that will assist you communicating with spiritual entities and in discovering your life’s purpose. Angel Aura Quartz is highly protective!

💎 Information card on the properties of the gemstones are included in the package.


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