Snake Tribe Dreamcatcher


This tribal beauty is made with natural feathers including falcon feathers, and colors depending on the snake color of your choice.

Diameter of hoop: 13 cm (5.1 inches)
Width: 18cm

The Snake symbol has different meanings in many Native American tribes. In the Ojibwa culture the snake symbolizes healing and due to its ability to shed its skin other traditions associate the snake with re-birth.

When you hang a Dream Catcher in a place of rest, it catches the passing dreams. The good dreams know the way and fall through the outer holes dreamer, slipping on the feathers with such softness that the dreamer often has no idea what sleeping. Junk dreams do not possess this knowledge and are caught in a web, and then dissolve in the first rays of the morning sun.
Each Dreamcatcher is individual and is 100% handmade/handcrafted in ethical conditions & harmony with Nature.
Please note that wooden branches & feathers are a natural material and each pen is unique and unrepeatable! so length and texture may differ from each other.

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